STOP TALKING. START SWEATING. Shut Up & Dance are the first class in New Zealand to offer dance classes inspired by your favourite films, musicals and music videos.

Shut Up & Dance is brought to you by a three lady crew: Abby, Clair and Lesa. They're avid fans of life in general and came up with the idea for Shut Up & Dance when they realised that Wellington life didn't offer Beyoncé dance classes.

Apart from their bedrooms and Boogie Wonderland, there didn't appear to be anywhere else for uncoordinated fools to feel like they could moonwalk like Michael, drop it like Beyoncé and groove like JT. If you think you've got two left feet, or have always been that kid that kept getting the 'Most Improved' award, then Shut Up & Dance is probably for you.

They are a fitness class that teaches routines inspired from films and music videos. Every class is different and each course includes a variety of music from the 80's 'till now and a range of dance styles from Napolean Dynamite to Beyoncé, Grease to Michael Jackson, but this changes depending on the routine (which is different every class). We do not use mirrors nor do we allow photos or onlookers in the class because we're about feeling good, not looking good! We welcome all ages, all fitness levels, all genders and coordination or previous dance experience is not necessary.

If you'd like to get in touch, head to their website www.shutupanddance.co.nz

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